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Results Are In!

November 17, 2004

One reason I didn’t post any news on the Choroid Plexus anomoly earlier was because I didn’t want anyone to be overly concerned. I thought it was interesting that I posted a releatively upbeat message yesterday, but I’ve been receiving these e-mails of concern and prayers from people I don’t hear from very often.

Now don’t get me wrong — I love to hear from people and the prayers are awesome — but we really did put this in God’s hands. If you read my post on my Life Journal blog, you saw that I am trusting God implicitly to take care of things — even if the baby were to be born with defects.

I was born with some pretty serious defects that caused me to be teased, ridiculed, and bullied throughout most of my childhood. But God saw me through that and I am a stronger person now because of it.

In talking with my Mom yesterday, she was relating how some friends and family were amazed that our family was not stressed over this. She told them, “We’ve put it in God’s hands and that’s why we’re not concerned.”

For Jen and I, the biggest concern was whether or not we’d finally be able to discover the gender of this little critter. And one of my earliest concerns was whether the child would suffer a cleft lip &/or palate like I did.

So, we once again got to see images of our growing child yesterday. We praise God that the cyst in the Choroid Plexus has resolved itself (as was expected)! And very early in the ultrasound, the technician announced that it was a little girl!

Back during the first US, the radio was playing. I remember hearing a song on the radio. It was Foreigner singing the song, I’ve been waiting for a girl like you. That song now has new meaning to me!

So, we’re having a little girl and we are excited!!

Jen said that a couple of weeks ago she had this overwhelming urge to see and hold this baby. She teared up. Is it any wonder why I love this woman so much — she is just filled with so much love and is going to make an awesome mother!

Thanks for your prayers and e-mails!


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