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January 18, 2005

Two weeks ago we went to the Dr. and she said the baby could come anytime.  Jen was beginning to dilate and the baby was about 7.5 pounds.  That was exciting news and welcome for Jen as she is beginning to feel quite uncomfortable.  So, we went home quite excited and begin to wrap up last minute details.  The suitcase is well stocked with provisions (food, an electric fan, a tennis ball, magazines, books, clothes, toiletries, video camera, extra batteries, and so on and so forth!); we finished painting and decorating our little girl’s room; household tasks are completed (bills paid in advance, office tasks completed, house cleaned, etc); and we have made arrangements for church duties, and other needs.  We were ready!


But, a week later, still no baby.  I didn’t realize how stressed I’d become.  It isn’t a real stress, it is more subterranean – a low level, under the radar stress.  I wasn’t sleeping well, I was eating junk food, and I was on edge.  What made me realize my stress was when I found myself playing video games.  Jen said I only do this when I’m stressed.  Yikes!


Then we had another dr’s appointment last week.  This time she said Jen was about the same dilation and she didn’t expect we would deliver right away.  She thought we’d be back in on our next appointment – which is in two days.


In the meantime, we find ourselves relatively focused on household tasks.  Jen took down all the Christmas decorations and I’m not making too many important appointments.  We are not attending pastor’s meetings due to their remote location.  And we just continue in our holding pattern – waiting for something to happen.


I told Jen last night that when we expected it last week, it surely wouldn’t come.  A watched womb never births.  But now that we have accepted our waiting – I’m almost saying, “It isn’t real.  There is no baby.”  That’s when she’ll come.


We measured Jen’s growing girth last week.  She is 44” around – the same size as my chest! 


Jen is a trooper and I am so proud of my beautiful wife and soon to be mother!  This is exciting – yet we still solicit your prayers!






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