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Jack Falls

January 1, 2008
Just before coming into Rainier from the south, there is a road called Jack Falls Road. I like the name. In my mind it conjures us images of an old hermit living on the banks of the Columbia, ekeing out a living in the woods. It never occured to me that there were actually water falls along here though.
Just last week I was surprised to discover a beautiful set of falls tucked far enough off of the road to missed by the casual observer, but close enough to be enjoyed at 50mph.
I now have a reason to go exploring – just 3 miles from home.
Exploring is one of my greatest pass times. There is nothing like spending a day wandering in the woods. Prepared for anything, with no deadlines to constrain me, I’ll head into the woods to

discover whatever secrets are contained there. I’ve found old homes, some farmer’s mini toxic waste dump, abandoned cars, the remains of a long dead animal, and countless beauties undiscovered by more pedestrian travelers.

As I wander the woods, my mind wanders. Dreams, visions, hopes, fears – it is all put into perspective. This is the way life was meant to be lived. Just over 100 years ago we lived life at a slower pace. A trip to Portland was an all day excursion. Either on horseback, or by boat, a man had time to think, to socialize, and to wander.
N0w, with the advent of rapid transit, I can make the trip to PDX and back in the morning, eat breakfast on the way, and catch up on my phone calls during the trip. It’s no wonder everyone is on their cell on Highway 30 – they’re trying to regain the socialization of travelers in times past.
I long for a time I’ve never experienced. A slow trip to town that allows me to process and prioritize life. A time to talk with my neighbors and a time to discover the landscape. A time to meditate and a time to converse with my Creator. I wonder how much differently Jack Falls would look at walking speed – as opposed to being enclosed in my steel and glass cacoon at 50+ mph?

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