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As Falls Jack So Falls Jack Falls

January 4, 2008
So now that the leaves are off of the trees and the rain has been falling incessantly, I discovered these two great water falls along the road just before coming into Rainier. Me thinks one of them is Jack Falls because there is a road by that name nearby. Today, after a short delay because of the mudslide repair work, I set the GPS for Jack Falls Rd and took a little excursion.Interestingly, the GPS listed the road as “Little” Jack Falls Rd., but the road sign just says Jack Falls Rd. Either way, it is a nice little road with some great houses overlooking the Columbia – with some great unubstructed views. Just might be some of the best property in the Portland Metro Area.Back on Hwy 30, I stopped at the first falls and took a photo. Even though it was a gray, rainy day, I wanted to give you an idea of what I’ve been looking at. I’ve decided, on my own with no outside research, that this is Little Jack Falls. And no, I don’t think Jack was little, nor do I think there was a Big Jack and a Little Jack. I just happen to think this falls is smaller than the other.I took a brief stop at the Wetlands near Prescott Beach County Park (just NW of the old Trojan site); where I took this photo of the visiting Canadian Swans.From the park, which is about a mile from Hwy 30, I was able to get this shot of Jack Falls. Again, without research, I decided this was Jack Falls because it rose up so much higher than any of the surrounding landmarks. I mean, if I were to name a significant landmark, this would be the one.
It ocurred to me that by the time it is dry enough to stomp around in the underbrush and explore this falls, the leaves on the trees will obscure the view. I think I’m going to have to find my rain gear from my Alaska trip and do a little old fashioned Oregon bushwacking. I wish my daughter was a little older so she could come with me.

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