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January 18, 2008
This Oregonian article caught my attention – mainly because I used to hang out with Tom and his brother (who was my house mate).

Hurley’s closes, but not without parting shot

But Hurley’s business suffered for other reasons: A reputation as Portland’s most expensive restaurant; and a stiff, old-school formality in a city that favors either freewheeling, casual attitudes or fun-loving urban glam. And despite some impressive and elaborate cooking unlike anything offered in Portland, Hurley’s never seemed in sync here.


We all used to have a lot of fun, “back in the day” (I can’t believe I actually used that phrase: with a straight face no less). Tom is the one who first introduced me to fine wines and great food. We were all firefighters, single, and making enough money to work out our stresses several days a week.

We felt like we “owned” Portland. We were legends in our own minds.Tom had a friends in most of the nicer restaurants in Portland and we often received special service because of his connections. The night of his brother’s 30th birthday comes to mind. Steak, sturgeon, and $300 wine. It was a fun night – just four over-cocky guys on the town.

A few years later I quit hanging out with the boys and decided to find sobriety through serenity (but of course that’s another story). Because of our employment connections, we occasionally ran into each other. Tom was injured in a firefighting operation and soon after began to more actively pursue his culinary skills and occupation. I resigned from my position at Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue to complete my education.

A few years after I left Portland (yeah, I’m back!) my Mom sent me a news-clipping detailing the opening of Hurley’s.It is always fun to see your old friends do well. I hate to see him leave PDX, but I’m sure he’ll do well whatever he does.  Tom is a very creative and passionate person.  It was always a pleasure to see his drive for success.

Take care friend!

(PS: Bill, Tom, Mike, Sarge – hope you’re all doing well!)

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