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Going Mobile

August 9, 2008

I bought my Darling Daughter a bike at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  It is a little big for her and doesn’t have training wheels.  I didn’t want her to have training wheels.  I thought if I bring it out in a couple of months, she’ll tackle it like I did when I was four.  I borrowed my friend’s bike at every opportunity and taught myself how to ride.

But my plan was thwarted by some very nice and well meaning friends.  They gave my daughter a beautiful, hardly used bike that is just her size.

Now, I was trying to think of a way to save it for later, but in the end I realized that I just needed to give it to her.  She has taken to this new bike like a baby to diapers, like a fish to water, like… well, you understand.

In fact, in the two days we’ve had the bike, it is about all she thinks about.  This morning, as she came stumbling out of the bedroom in her PJs, the first thing she asked me, while rubbing her eyes, is if she could ride her bike.  And off to the garage she ran.

A few minutes later she called me out to the garage.  I was confused because she was in the car.  She looked at me with a sly grin while telling me that she was opening the garage door. Ha! 🙂  What a smart girl!  She knew there was a garage-door opener, that she could reach, in the car.

It is so much fun to watch her obsession with that bike.  Oh the memories it brings back in me.

In time, she’ll outgrow this cute little bike and then I can pull the other one out of hiding in the basement.

Our little girl is going all mobile on us.

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