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Food Stamps and the Oregon Health Plan

October 24, 2009

Since losing our health insurance two months ago, I have been particularly stressed over the well-being of my family.  Although we rushed to make sure we were all tuned up and ready to go, it is still quite scary to be living in an age of high healthcare costs, but no way to pay the bills.  Listening to people denigrate the proposed healthcare reforms has made me particularly angry too.

This is good news.” Our DHS caseworker said. “Well, bad for you, but good too.”  Apparently we were so broke that we qualify for the full Oregon Health Plan Plus program – 100% expenses paid.  That is good news – except for the part where we are that broke! Read more…

Parenting the Parents

October 19, 2009

My Dad is an incredible man – you’ve heard me talk about him before. Born in a log cabin that was built in the late 1800s, no running water, and he not only had to walk to school, but the trip required a row boat and a horse too!

In the last 60 years, he has owned three businesses, raised a family, owned a vacation home, an RV, and has always driven sporty cars. He pioneered some “green” practices within the municipal water distribution systems around Portland. (To be truthful, he wasn’t trying to be green ~ that word didn’t exist in the 1980s ~ he was just being frugal and practical) Read more…

Oh, you want to wrestle!?

October 13, 2009
Photo by Ucumari

Photo by Ucumari

One thing My daughter and I have always enjoyed doing is wrestling.  Well, it really isn’t as much wrestling as it is tickling, crawling, laughing, and cuddling – but she calls it wrestling.  It’s always been one of our special times.  Just recently my Smiling Son has figured out how fun this is too!

He and I go through phases in our relationship.  Several months ago, it was like a switch was flipped and he became infatuated by me.  It was awesome!  If this is what it’s like to be worshiped, then bring it on – ‘cuz my son was worshiping me.  Then a a couple of months later, The Wife attended an event and took Darling Daughter.  My son looked at me with distrust a bit of fear.  It was as if he was saying, “Do you have what it takes to meet my needs?” Read more…