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5 More Weeks

December 22, 2004

As the impending due date approaches, I am struck by a multitude of thoughts. Several months ago everyone kept telling me that my life would never be the same. All I could do was nod and smile. Now, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of what that means.

If you were to look at my PDA, you’d see a pretty well laid out schedule. I have a pretty good idea of what and where I’ll be for the next three weeks. But now Jen tells me that she expects to deliver early. We are due on January 26, but even that is not exact — right?

So, we have pastors meetings scheduled for the week before the scheduled delivery date. These are up in the mountains at Glacier View Ranch — if the baby hasn’t come yet, I doubt we’ll be attending those meetings. The week before that I have an important meeting scheduled and right before that is the new year.

Jen’s dad is excited to come out and see the new little critter — so he thinks January 10th would be a good day to “schedule” the delivery.

In pondering all this, I am coming to a clear realization that kids don’t exactly adhere to a schedule. In fact, our neighbor spent the other day in the ER getting her little boy patched up. I guess this is one more area where God is teaching me to relax and go with the flow.


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