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Preparing for a Special Guest

December 29, 2004

Last week we finally got the baby’s room cleared of the “stuff.” We thought we’d be able to share the room with Jen’s office, but as we collected dressers, changing tables, and cribs we quickly saw that we’d have to move the desk out of there!

So, we moved Jen’s desk and then I assembled the crib and changing table. Just before I went to bed I had this incredible sense that we were getting ready for a special visitor. Like when someone comes to spend the night, we change the sheets and prepare the guest room. However, we truly are getting ready for a special visitor — and she’s going to stay for the next 18-23 years!

Wow! That is a special visitor!

We’re really looking forward to her soon arrival — I wonder when that will be?

Actually, we go in for another ultrasound today. The Dr. is concerned that our little girl isn’t so little, so she is monitoring her size. We’ll see!

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