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January 11, 2008

A long time ago, in a county not far from here, I used to walk down to McMenamin’s with my dog and chill. We’d hang out on the “patio” and read the paper, greet our neighbors, and listen to the traffic whizzing past on Murray Blvd. A pint and a cheeseburger, the daily Oregonian, and a quiet time of reflection on a warm summer evening.

Those days are past. I’ve since learned that I can’t control my alcoholic intake and my dog grew too old to keep living. I left Portland and went back to school. Cashed in my retirement savings and took a journey that took me through five states in the last 12 years. During that time I met and married my wife, had two kids, and changed careers a few times.

But now I’m back. I don’t know how to explain it other that divine providence. Portland never looked better and I’ve never been happier. I never knew how much fun kids were. If I’d know, I might not have waited 40 some years to find the right woman and have kids.

I’ve missed the fabric of life in Portland (and the PNW in general). I’ve missed the opportunities, the food, the people, my friends, and my family. But one thing I’ve craved is a good McMenamin’s cheeseburger. (I miss a pint too – but unfortunately I can never stop at just one)


Since there is no McMenamin’s (that I can find) in Columbia County, I headed out to NW Portland last week. I was looking for the Blue Moon, but ended up closer to the Fremont Bridge. I sat down and readied myself for my first McMenamin’s cheeseburger in 12 years. It did not disappoint. Plus, they now have wi-fi.

I love Portland!

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