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Ignite Portland 2

February 5, 2008
promoteip2.gifPortland Rocks! Portland got ignited tonight. What a great time we had at Ignite Portland 2.
I don’t know what it is, but there is something pushing my buttons about the creativity I’m rediscovering in PDX. The arts, the crafts, the web, the social fabric that is such a part of Montavilla, Mt. Tabor, Hawthorne, Sellwood, Garden Home, NoPo, St. Johns, Macadam, Multnomah, and on and on and on…
There is something I’ve known in my soul about the creativity of Portland, but the whole Twitter, IP2, Portland on Fire thing is fanning flames I didn’t know how to access. There is something bubbling just below the surface and I feel a need to express whatever it is, but I don’t know where it is going or how to get there – the whole community ideation thing is what fuels those flames.
It is Twitterific! Or is it?
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