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Some days are better than others!

September 2, 2008

Several years ago, after a reunion with someone I thought I’d never see again, I exclaimed: “Some days are better than others!”  A year later, after ending that sorry relationship, I was saying the same thing.  Not that sad relationships and pies have much in common, but this past weekend, after the 1st Annual Portland Pie-Off, found me exclaiming, “Some days are better than others!”

Blogger, and Lewis and Clark professor, Jack Bogdanski said it best:

I had the honor, along with fellow blogger Gary Walter and serious pastry chef Kir Jensen, of judging the competition, which meant taking at least one bite of each of the 49. When close calls appeared within the various categories, multiple bites were required.”

I was careful to pace myself however.  I never took big bites and I tried to savor each and every bite as it came.  But you’ll have to admit, 49+ bites of pie is a lot of pie, no matter how you count them.

This was serious business though.  While authenticity and transparency are a couple of the things that make the Portland Community so much fun, let there be no mistake, egos were on the line.  As a judge, I took this very seriously and did my best to be affirming, yet truthful.

Blogger Melissa Lion had a unique take on the opinion of the judges.  Her comments are not only humbling, but touching:

A quick post about the pie off. I did not win. So sad. However there were 49 pies entered and my apple pie got one of the three judges’ votes and that made me very happy.”

To know that a simple blue sticker, placed next to a pie, would have that much affect on someone.  Now that is pressure!

I had so much fun.  The organizers were great!  The other judges were awesome!  The contestants were a lot of fun – not to mention great bakers!  And the audience turnout was incredible!  Portland truly is the coolest city on the planet!

I felt like I was in my element.  Confident, open, speaking with authority and ease.  I felt welcome and attuned to the process at hand.

However, picking the best pies in all the categories – now that was hard!  First off, before they cut the pies, we had to pick the prettiest pie.  For me, it came down to three pies.  A nut pie, called the Musician’s Pie, a Blueberry Pie, labeled Rosemary’s Baby (garnished with rosemary sprigs), and the one we awarded – a Melba peach cheesecake with exquisite raspberries on top.

And the judging just got harder from there.  Being the middle of the Oregon fruit season, there were a lot of fruit pies and we approached this table with great trepidation.  It seemed all so daunting.  Where do we start?  But in the end, we proved up to the task.  I’m glad I had the help of the other two judges – ‘cuz it was hard!

Thanks to the Portland Pie Commission for letting us be a part of this! Thanks LeLo, Radio Gretchen and Lizzy Caston!  I appreciate the opportunity to add to my resume – and my waistline!

This was a lot of fun – and indeed, this was one of those days that was better than others!

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  1. September 2, 2008 6:16 am

    Yeah, I don’t know how you all ate that much. But thank you for my blue sticker. I really do feel good about my pie making. That pie was only the fourth pie I’d ever made.

    Next event, we introduce ourselves immediately. Agreed?


  2. September 4, 2008 3:13 pm

    My, 49 pieces of pie. How indulgent!


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